What Your Childhood Trauma Can Tell You

Today I want to talk about something that may be very difficult for many people to reflect upon. I know it was for me, at least.

So… I’ll get to the point. Let’s talk about Childhood Trauma. 

Childhood trauma occurs to more individuals that one might expect. There are numerous kinds of trauma that a child can endure. Ranging from abuse to neglect, and everything in between. Roughly 21% of children have experienced sexual trauma, 28% experience physical trauma, and 11% psychological trauma. (More examples of trauma that isn’t as direct would be considered the toxicity that comes from having divorced or separated parents, having a parent or caregiver that is an alcoholic, or having a family member who was imprisoned).

These traumas cause a buildup of stress in a child’s neurological processing system. This can cause a child to experience difficulty in trusting adults, difficulty learning, using harmful substances, and much much more.

For a class I am currently enrolled in, I partook in a survey that calculates your ACE score (adverse childhood experience). This score provides insight on how your childhood stressors could impact your future self-being, physically, mentally and socially.

Many don’t know this (I sure didn’t!!), but your childhood experiences HIGHLY affect your health conditions. For example, if you endured much trauma as a child, your risk of having heart disease, lung cancer, diabetes, hepatitis, depression, violent behavior…etc, are severely increased. 

To take the ACE survey (please do) click on this link https://acestoohigh.com/got-your-ace-score/This link will also allow you to learn more about the subject.

Love you all, and I AM HERE FOR YOU

With extra love, EverydayPay


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